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Krystel Mairs, MA

Art Therapy
Life Coaching


Welcome! You have taken another step on your path to happiness!


Do you feel like day in and day out you are tired, stressed, frazzled, and burnt out? Do you long for deep and satisfying relationships with others and with yourself? Maybe you would love to exercise your creativity and playfulness? I'd like to help you find a way to recharge your battery and find a new zest for life.


I am a psychotherapist and art therapist who strives to enhance my clients' journey towards healing self-exploration and self-expression. I assist my clients through life transitions, grief and loss, and relationship and self-esteem issues. I provide career counseling, life skills counseling, and support the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle through a holistic lens that values mind, body, and spirit.


My clients are the experts on themselves and I have trust in their innate healing process, but sometimes they need a guiding hand to support them.  I provide empathetic support and a focus on strengths to provide the perspective they need to follow their life path and live true to their own values. In my work with adults and children, I often use tools from mindfulness practices, Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Internal Family Systems. I also utilize Art Therapy to provide a creative outlet and connection to inner emotions. No previous art experience is necessary to benefit from this deeply insightful practice!

Many people struggle to find the time for themselves in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but you deserve to find fulfillment and happiness. You deserve to thrive!


I believe you have the key to healing and happiness within you, and I would like to help you access this key.


Ready for the next step?


Please contact me for a free consultation.


About Me

I am a registered psychotherapist with the state of Colorado. I received my Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and my Master's in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Art Therapy from Naropa University. My education and training has taught me a respect for the power of art and the therapeutic relationship built through trust, authenticity, and compassion. Art has been a personal passion of mine for years and proved to be an insightful and therapeutic tool for myself and others.


I have lived on the Front Range in Colorado for seven years. My creative endeavors include painting, jewelry making, singing, and dancing. I also enjoy hiking and traveling with my partner Andrew and our Aussie/Sheltie mix Shelby.


Private Session

I am currently accepting individual clients.

Art for the Heart Group

Stay tuned for next group. If you would be interested in a virtual group please message me and let me know!

This art therapy group for adults is a supportive communal space where participants can create works of art that express personal passion and/or nurture the heart. This group is designed to offer dedicated time for participants to engage in art making of their choosing or receive guidance from myself to inspire self-expression. This is an art as therapy group, so the emphasis is on the art process and personal exploration.

No art experience necessary. Materials are provided.


Conscious Pregnancy: Exploration through Art

This is a 3-week art therapy intensive for women in any stage of pregnancy. The group will focus on self care, creating community, discussions about the intricacies of the emotional world of pregnancy, and therapeutic art exercises to support each woman in her journey into motherhood. I co-facilitate this group with my colleague Kelsey Fatsi. Register soon as space is limited.

- Stay tuned for next session

Click here to see my community partners and other relevant resources concerning counseling, art therapy, massage therapy, yoga, etc. 


I provide a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Please contact me to schedule!

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